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November 10, 2019

Tribute to my "Naval Niece"

While many people celebrate the anniversary of their wedding day, I always felt that my life truly changed the day I answered "Yes!" in response to my husband's marriage proposal. That was the moment I agreed to commit my life fully to him, and the spirit of that commitment was as true then as it is today.

In a similar manner, when I filed to put my name on this fall's ballot for a Board of Education position, I accepted the challenge and opportunity that would come forth if elected. These are just two examples where I fully embraced the roles and responsibilities with my whole heart and mind BEFORE I was recognized by society due to a wedding or an election.

As we honor our brave military who are currently serving or who have previously served, there is one young woman I especially want to lift up in prayer and gratitude: my niece. She is currently attending Navy Officer Candidate School with the hopes of assuming Naval Officer responsibilities this upcoming winter. Her status may not earn her a formal salute, but she demonstrates all of the honor, courage, and commitment today as she will when she soon wears the blue and gold proudly. May God protect her and all military today and forever. 

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