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November 3, 2019

Three months and going...

I may have made the decision to start this company last fall, but technically my new business venture is just now celebrating its three month anniversary. This journey (or my mid-life crisis as my teenage son calls it - isn't he so funny?) has been scary, exhilarating, exhaustive and energizing...and I am loving the creative freedom it has allowed.

While I am confident the pace will pick up in the upcoming months, I am so pleased with the progress. To date, I can tally these measurable moments:

5 presentations on varying soft skill topics
2 board development opportunities
2 forums
1 new chamber director development
2 soft skills training (customer service and networking)
with 3 more presentations, 2 facilitating gigs and 2 more trainings pending in the upcoming five months. 

Besides learning how to start up a new business from scratch, there have been some enlightening lessons. For instance, I'm realizing technology for solopreneurs is crucial since it plays the role of "staff" working on my behalf when I'm focused elsewhere. (Spoiler alert: in the next few weeks expect some major changes to this website!) Research, content preparation and processes are fueling my intellectual spirit far greater than I could have ever imagined (and I am far more of a student today as a trainer than I ever was paying college tuition!) And even when you call all of the shots, work-life balance is still as elusive now as it was when I reported to a board or superior.

For those of you walking beside me through this experience, I thank you - I'm humbled by all who have invested in my expertise. Here's to many more months of continued learning, growth and impact!

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