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September 2, 2019

Running for Board of Education

For more than eight years, I promoted civic leadership as part of my Hays Area Chamber of Commerce duties. Due to our employee policy, I was unable to run for any elected position, so when I pursued my own professional consulting business, I knew I needed to “practice what I preached.” I grew up with my own father serving on the Board at our local school district, and thus believe my own child (who is a Sophomore at Hays High School) will benefit greatly by observing me in this important volunteer capacity. Walking into the county clerk’s office to file for USD 489 Board of Education was a thrill, but also one of the more vulnerable moments I’ve experienced. While I cannot control the outcome of the election, I am proud to have the courage and fortitude to put my name on the ballet this election.

Since I have this site to use as a platform, let me share a few reasons why I believe I’m qualified for this important role. Working with a variety of boards, personalities, and the general public helped me develop an extensive and diverse set of skills. From mediation, to political savviness to fiduciary oversight, I have hands-on experience with the more delicate matters that are unique to a Board of Education member.

My communication skills will be a strength I rely on greatly. In my experience, the best decisions result from healthy dialogue and collaboration; thus, having an open mind to various issues is crucial. The school district is a system made up of many moving parts and pieces, so it is irresponsible to enter this with a mindset of preconceived notions, ideas and agendas. I understand my learning curve will require research, discussions with various stakeholders and training with the State Board of Education; I intend to come prepared to meetings as much as possible, while remaining honest and humble when I need to study a topic or situation more thoroughly.

Simply put, I am not running on any specific agenda item, and while everyone may not agree with my decisions, I hope they can trust I put forward due diligence in making the best decisions possible.

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