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July 29, 2019

So now what?

Today marks the day I focus full time on my new business Girl Twin Solutions, LLC, where I provide professional training, coaching, presenting, and consulting to help others achieve greater success. (My teenager keeps telling others I'm now unemployed...SELF, son, Self-Employed - big difference!)

The major question I hear is what my specialty or focus will be. Out of the gate, I've identified four areas that I am promoting, which includes Board Development, Professional Networking (connection vs transactional), Leaderful Women and Chamber "Newbie" training. I'll spend much time creating additional content, writing (a book is in my near future!) and developing relationships (in other words, presenting at as many conferences as possible).

I also welcome ideas on training needs so that I can customize to fit specific business needs; two requests I've received so far focus on the area of customer experience. Feel free to drop me a note on your ideas at 

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