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July 17, 2019

ACCE Conference a Success!

Since I announced my resignation as Chamber President/CEO in February (by the way, I don’t recommend 6-month notices in case you are wondering), life has been a whirlwind of activity and emotions. Time spent during the day focused on chamber succession planning, while evenings have been spent focusing on my new business. Preparing for the ACCE Conference in Long Beach, which took place this week, became priority as I was honored to facilitate a break-out session as my first official outing representing Girl Twin Solutions. I made valuable connections and met even more amazing Chamber professionals, so overall a great investment of time and resources.

One aspect I regret not having time to focus on these past few months is updating this website. As you can tell from the archives, I have blogged since 2009. That simple action was a small step toward preparing for the large leap of creating my own business. In the weeks ahead, this website will morph to represent the next phase of my professional career and personal aspirations. I welcome you to join me in this journey of discovery and development.

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