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February 16, 2019

Why Girl Twin Solutions?

If I run into anyone who knows of my hometown of Healy, Kan., I will refer to myself as the girl twin. Instead of sharing I was Gary Brooks' daughter (he had two) or his child (he had three), I simply say I'm the girl twin. In a community of less than 300, my twin brother and I were one of few twin sets who lived there all of our 18 years of childhood. I believe the next set closest in age were still decades apart from us. Thus begins my most unique claim to fame.

I love being a twin - while we never experienced those "twin moments" some people share, I do find it interesting that I had to learn to refer to myself in the singular form. Even today, I slip into "we" or "us" when referring to my childhood. 

Perhaps the most impactful part of sharing my childhood with another was the continuous training of teamwork. Sibling interaction plays a huge role in development, and I would argue being a twin, especially when growing up in such a small town, helped me be more effective when working with others.

 Stay tune for more updates on this new venture!

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