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December 1, 2018

A new journey

For the past two summers, I taught at the "Chamber Institute;" this is training I completed in 2014, and so I'm very proud to continue to be a part of this educational experience. 

While in Madison, I met a presenter and publisher Tremendous Tracey Jones. I've always wanted to write a book (and sing on Broadway and win the lottery and...) so I bombarded her with many questions. Turns out, Tracey specializes in helping first-time writers get organized. This initial conversation lead to a half-hour phone call almost 6 months later and we have a game plan. A plan that will eventually lead to a book (I HOPE!)!

Since then, my excitement and energy levels have skyrocketed. I haven't felt this euphoric since my dating days (to my husband, of course). It's good to feel so purposeful while fulfilling a lifelong passion. 

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