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December 29, 2017

Learning at all ages

Yesterday, my son turned 14. In the state of Kansas, he can sit for his driver's exam and hopefully earn his learner's permit. After encouraging (ok, more like nagging) him for a month to study for this test, he finally exploded and told me to stop pressuring him.  

Whoa, Nelly! After 30-plus years of driving myself, I forgot how nervous I was to begin driving. I remember watching my twin brother take the test immediately after we became of age, but I chose to wait until after Driver's Ed that following fall before I even made the attempt. 

What I  take for granted in my adult life are new and scary experiences for my son. It's good to be reminded that we aren't experiencing life at the same speed. Now that I begin 2018 with a new team at work (whew-75% turnover in one year can be tough!), I will need to remember patience, support, encouragement and understanding are important skills to have as a parent and as a leader.

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