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November 20, 2016

Oh, what a year!

Last year at this time, I was recuperating from a hysterectomy, Garrett had just entered middle high school and Gerard had put in his application for the"Voice of the KU Jayhawks" position. I remember feeling as if our future was holding a blanket over our eyes, leaving us wondering where we would be and what we would be doing.

God had other plans for us, and those plans meant staying in Hays, KS...and I'm glad to be focused on the life we continue to build here in this community. I'm in awe that I will have completed 5 years this January 2017 with the Hays Area Chamber of Commerce, and I enjoy the opportunity to continue seeking and meeting new goals in this role.

Watching Garrett continue to grow into a cool (mostly stinky) young adult is a thrill, and he will try out for 7th Grade Basketball in December. I'm sure my blog next year will share how he was recruited as the youngest NBA player ever, but time will tell.  

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