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April 20, 2016

Student of the Week

"I think Friday was the best day of my life."

Garrett and I were watching TV on Sunday night when he leaned over to make this statement. I knew of one major achievement he earned, which was being selected at his school as the "Student of the Week" for his grade. I could tell by his mannerisms this honor was a big deal to him, and we were proud he was recognized by his teachers.

He explained: "Not only did I get the Student of the Week, my team won the dodge ball tournament, I got to dance with a girl and I got to spend the night with my friend." Big blue eyes drilled into me as he waited patiently for confirmation that these were indeed big accomplishments.

The challenges, pressures, deadlines, and all else that makes up being a working adult can sometimes taint my perspective of those same hurdles young people may have. It was good to be reminded that at one time for all of us, those milestones from our youth were big deals, even if they don't seem as profound as the ones we accomplish today. 

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