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April 12, 2016

Puppy Love

As I completed my nightly routine, I heard my son singing from his darkened room. I identified the new Meghan Trainor song as his young melodic voice drifted through our quiet home: "I'm gonna love you; like I'm gonna lose you..."

Something about the mood was so sweet and melancholy - I just had to make my way into his room to give him another good-night hug.

Tucked under covers and snuggled in each other's embrace was a boy and his dog. I realized the tenderness I heard was the sound of pure emotion as Garrett serenaded his beloved pet. As I bent down to kiss him on his forehead (and earned a lick I wasn't quite prepared for from a certain canine), Garrett whispered to me how he told Buddy they wouldn't have each other forever. Just when I think I can't love this little guy any more, he does something to prove me wrong.


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April 10, 2016

Mr. Metal Mouth

It's official - "four-eyes" is going to gain another nickname. My son begins a new phase in his life; tomorrow he will get braces. I hope he remains as excited to have them as he is right guess is some of the emotion will wane after he starts experiencing some discomfort but hopefully not.

I got my braces when I was his age and the "trauma" to braces really occurred before the metal ever reached my mouth. Having an overly small mouth, I had to have 8 teeth (4 baby, 4 permanent) pulled so that I had enough room to pull in my buck teeth. I wasn't able to close my mouth without teeth showing. I couldn't eat apples or corn on the cob. And, kids called me names. From Bugs Bunny to Beaver (and a few other colorful names not appropriate to share), I heard them.

Thankfully, I wasn't too bothered by the names. I had a great family and friends who saw beyond my teeth and saw the inner beauty; they helped me realize that some day my teeth would be fixed and the person I was becoming would soon have the time to shine.

I'm so proud of Garrett and how confident and secure he is about himself. When he came home this past week telling me how another boy called him "Four Eyes," I wasn't sure how to respond. I asked him if it bothered him and I think his response was more one of surprise than anything. I told him to be prepared for more names once he gets braces. He just nodded in a mature, wise way - yup, he will be just fine.


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