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March 8, 2016

Baby no more

Our household experienced a major rite of passage: my baby lost his last baby tooth.

He didn't even ask how much this would earn him from the "Tooth Fairy." He was excited, though, knowing he is now able to move forward with getting braces.

It doesn't seem that long ago when the Tooth Fairy was a big deal. I remember when we had to start placing lost teeth in special box placed on our kitchen table, because a small toddler woke up easily when anyone neared his pillow. (Santa also learned the hard way that our son is a VERY light sleeper so gifts started getting delivered to the basement.)

Yup, my baby isn't a baby any longer. However, I reminded him he isn't wise either. He has a few more years until those wisdom teeth appear. 

(A "Shout-Out" to one of my favorite readers - Hello to Mr. Caden!) 

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