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November 28, 2015

2015 Year in Review

I'm going to do something a tad backwards: I'm actually going to pledge a resolution BEFORE the New Year even begins! My resolution: to actually write on my blog during 2016! Seems like a doable accomplishment!

Let me start by ending, so to speak. Here is a wrap up of some highlights of the year:

Garrett began and ends the year playing for the same travelling basketball team, the Tribe. This team has been more than a source of exercise or competition; this group of boys has become a fraternity of brothers for Garrett. It has been a joy seeing him mature socially, physically and emotionally through this experience. If you overhear Garrett telling you about his games, it sounds pretty darn close to ESPN highlights of an NBA game...not too many dunks at the 6th grade level, though.

After 16 years living in our first home, we decided to move - 7 blocks north. What a lot of work for such a close location! However, we gained a 2-car garage (which Gerard loves not having to scrape ice in the morning!) as well as a dishwasher (which I lovingly call the "Gerard 2.0"). What we didn't expect gaining from a new address was our son's increased social life! We are now strategically centered among many of his cronies, so our house has become the meeting ground for many. I'm crazy about all of his friends and they all know upon entering the house they have to give me a hug. They willingly do so (because they know I threaten to post rumors about them and girlfriends on Facebook! If they only knew I had a blog that could do so much more damage, but I'll save that threat for high school.)

Gerard is still living his dream in calling collegiate sports at FHSU and then in his off-time, he watches, reads and learns more about sports. I think you could say this is both his job and his obsession. And he and the offspring share this joy whenever they breath, which is all of the time of course. I'm currently researching colleges where ESPN is known to recruit.

I'm ending a 5-week medical leave from my role at the Hays Area Chamber of Commerce and will return to work on Monday after having surgery. (Let's just say my internal plumbing has been removed! I was really hoping it would remove around 10-20 pounds but no such luck.) Both my dogs and probably my staff will be sad to see me return to work! HA!

In conclusion, I'm sure I missed some very big news that I will remember as soon as I sign off. I guess you will simply have to return to read all about it!

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