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April 22, 2014


I just experienced the most bizarre thing and perhaps my experience will help others learn.

This morning, I joined a conference call as part of a regional conference planning session. Unfortunately, due to my Tuesday/Thursday morning class I teach at FHSU, I haven't been able to make many of these calls but today I could. Joining this planning committee last spring, it has been one that has left me confused from the beginning, with no "orientation" offered to me including no introductions to those in the group. It's as if I have been forced upon a clique that really doesn't want any outsiders coming in and ruining things.

Back to this morning's call. After a half hour of visiting, many of the participants had to drop off to take care of other items. Since those left on the call remained talking, I figured I should remain listening.

Lesson for my blog followers: don't assume that everyone has dropped off the call when you start bad mouthing them on the phone. Of course, I couldn't hang-up or else the auto-attendant would announce that I left the call - I was trapped! I went from being an active call participant to an eavesdropper and it was MOST uncomfortable. Especially listening to the comments directed toward me!

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