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December 27, 2013

Our Favorite Christmas Present

Ten years ago today, at around 7:30 a.m., a doctor pulled a little boy from my C-Section-cut tummy and we took one look at that square head and knew this child's name would be Garrett! (Just take one look at his square-headed Papa Gary and you will see the family resemblance!)

Gerard and I had been married for years but were struggling to conceive a child. While it is hard enough to accept these circumstances on normal days, the holidays and their child-centered focus really made the festive season less festive. In fact, I grew to dread the Christmas season and the well-intended questions of our "baby plans." (God bless those people who assume that all childless couples are making that choice because they want to focus on careers - that isn't always the case.)

When I finally did get pregnant, we were obviously ecstatic. My due date was projected into early/mid-January, leaving us worried that Gerard would be able to be home due to the FHSU game schedule. Since miracles have a tendency of surprising us, we were blessed with a healthy baby two days after Christmas. No basketball games or busy schedules to worry about for the delivery or for future birthdays to come. Now every year during the holidays , I'm reminded of my own unanswered prayer by getting the best Christmas gift ever. Happy Birthday, Garrett!!

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December 26, 2013

2013: Year of Wellbrock - Part 3

It’s the eve before Garrett’s 10th birthday and if I was a good mom, I would be scrambling to bake him a birthday cake. Instead, Gerard and I went to a movie (Anchorman2, of course) while Lil G hung out with his cousins Levi and Darci. (Trust me, he got the better end of the deal because Betty Crocker I’m not.)

We can’t believe how fast this year flew by, let alone the past 10 years. But here are a few of the highlights of the year according to Mom. The most profound was getting glasses this fall – the glasses  are Nike (duh – like he would choose something else?) and I think they showcase his big blue eyes. He seems to be almost more confident when wearing them, so it has been fun to see his spunky self shine.

Through travelling basketball, Garrett has matured simply by being a part of this “fraternity” of young lads. The experience has been more about brotherhood than basketball, and we all have enjoyed being part of the Tribe. Thankfully, our team balances commitment and competition nicely so that the pace isn’t so frazzling.

In order to play basketball though, I pulled out the “Mommy Card” and required Garrett to also sing in the 4th Grade Choir…no singing, no playing. So, we enjoy getting to school really early twice a week for choir practice, and his choir even went Christmas caroling to the local rest homes. (Garrett said one of the ladies looked just like Great Grandma Helena when she was still alive!) Probably the best thing that Garrett has gained from choir though, is he can now snap his fingers and “pop” his mouth with his finger (like in the song “Lollypop”) Yes, we are so proud.

Well, I better get to sleep so that I can prepare for our second sleepover this holiday break for his birthday. Just the thought of having three 10-year-old-boys in my basement exhausts me!

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December 25, 2013

2013: Year of Wellbrock - Part 2

Gerard is in his twelfth year as the “Voice of the FHSU Tigers,” which brings great benefits to Garrett: playing on the field or court; meeting coaches and players; connections for his travelling basketball team to play during half-time; autographed posters from the teams; good seats at games…the list goes on and on. (Mom’s job only gets us easier access to Chamber Cheques so way not as cool.) Gerard won another award this year – 1st Place for Play-By-Play from the KS Assoc. of Broadcasters – so we had to add reinforcements to his Wall of Fame to keep the wall from falling over with his numerous honors.

Besides having a loving and beautiful wife, Gerard enjoyed two trips this year: a family trip to Washington DC and a couple’s trip to Las Vegas. While we had both been to DC, it was a first for us together, and sharing this with Garrett was even more memorable. We visited Gerard’s cousin Tim Pfeifer and his family; Tim is assigned to the Pentagon, so his connections and knowledge of the area made the vacation one we will never forget. Garrett’s main goal was to see “Lincoln’s blood” so he was a happy boy when we visited Ford’s Theatre and got to see the actual blood-soaked pillow that President Lincoln laid upon during his final hours. Now, Garrett has spent hours recreating the DC city’s layout in MineCraft, with Legos or in the sand…ask him random trivia about the Memorials, past presidents (only the ones who have been assassinated) or the Capitol and he will probably know the answer!

Visiting Vegas was a first for us, and we enjoyed the time with another couple, Steve and Jenifer Riat. Unfortunately, we didn’t strike it rich (heck, with Gerard’s luck, we are glad we didn’t come back owing money), but we did get to watch the play version of “Rock of Ages.” As children of the 80’s hair bands, we LOVED every moment!

Travel continued to be a theme for our family this year, as we launched into the youth travelling basketball experience…more on those escapades in the next blog! Merry Christmas to all who are reading this on December 25th!

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December 24, 2013

2013: Year of Wellbrock - Part 1

In an attempt to kill two partridges in one pear tree, I have decided to blog our holiday card this year. This way, I can catch up on blogging (since I haven’t for the last half of this year) as well as prepare our family Christmas greeting before it is way into the New Year!

I know we aren’t the only ones to feel as if the year simply flew by – but this year really was an amazing yet overwhelming one! There is so much to tell, that it will take me several blogs just to do the year justice!

So, let me first explain why no blogs since July. I still work at the Hays Area Chamber; after completing almost three years, I still love it. Now I can tell people I know what I want to be when I grow up! This summer, our Chamber was honored as a national finalist for Chamber of The Year (see earlier blog). During this humbling and proud moment, the Chamber also experienced two of the four employees leaving for other job opportunities. Nonetheless, this transition has been crazy busy but we welcomed two new “Chamber Chicks” to work alongside Celeste and me.

In addition to Chambering it up (yes, I can turn any word into an action verb), I still teach one class – Marketing Principles – at FHSU and enjoy warping, I mean, molding the minds of the young. I was asked to serve on the search committee for the new FHSU President, so I figure this will help me get a huge raise for teaching!! (Just kidding…or am I?!?!?!) I’m also serving as VP for a state chamber org so this and all of the other duties have kept me busy enough to not feel like blogging on a regular basis.

I’m still married to Gerard (16 years this summer!) and we love spending time with our two adorable dogs. We still have Buddy (better known as the furniture destroyer) but we lost Zoey (14 years old!) right before Thanksgiving. Since Buddy was so blue, we HAD to get another dog, so we rescued a scrawny 8-pound ratty-looking Chihuahua-Terrier mix – we call him Gordon. As much as we love the dogs, we try VERY hard NOT to evolve our entire world around our one-and-only son Garrett. But more on the rest of my boys in blogs to come!

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