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July 24, 2013

Award Anticipation

Two months ago, I applied for the national Chamber of the Year Award. One month ago, I found out that the Hays Area Chamber qualified as one of three finalists for the Award. One day ago, I interviewed with a panel of judges as the last phase of the award process. Fast forward to today - the day I find out whether we win this prestigious honor or not. Now that I'm looking forward to the evening celebration, the time cannot seem to crawl slow enough!

This entire process has caused me to reflect on our overall Chamber success. Regardless of tonight's win or loss, I am so PROUD of what we have accomplished. So many other Chambers claim how troubled their communities are or how difficult it is to get volunteers to step forward. In Hays, we don't have those issues. Perhaps the judges will realize this as well when they make their determination because a strong community makes a strong Chamber and vice versa.

What an incredible journey to professionally and personally experience!

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