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April 10, 2013

Garrett's new song

While taking his nightly shower, we heard Garrett singing his heart out.
We didn't quite recognize the Gerard snuck up closer to hear the melody better.
The composition was an original with quite a clever chorus line:
See if it fits;
See if it fits.
And if it does,
we win the National Championship.
We are the Cinderella team.

Garrett even shared us his dance moves - picture if you will, the movement of putting on a shoe...a glass shoe that is.

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April 9, 2013

We've come a long way, baby

At a local garage sale a few years back, I discovered a classic book: "Perfect Girlhood, Vital Information for Young Girls." I purchased it because its copy-writed 1913...I keep it because of the absurdity of its information. If this book truly reflected the acceptable behavior and expectations of young women of the time, it is amazing our gender has progressed at all!

Take for instance, this excerpt: "By keeping the mind pure and never abusing these [sexual] organs you will develop a healthy and perfect body, a bright and cheerful mind, a charming, winning personality, and live to be useful and happy."

Here is what happens to bad girls (or "daring" as the book calls them): "Such girls will grow up to be weak, puny women and suffer from dyspepsia, consumption and nervous troubles." The book goes on to share that these girls have "gloomy, despondent, discouraged state of mind[s]. One does not longer enjoy life. Because of this mental state many commit suicide."

What horrible, scarring words to share with young women! I can't help but think though, how this philosophy and teaching from 100 years ago continues to impact us today. Makes me shudder.

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April 8, 2013

Sweet Dreams...

As my overtired child settles in for the night, he does everything possible to delay the inevitable dreamland. He's so worried he might miss out on something important. In fact, he despises going to sleep so badly that he has on occasion, told us that he "hates the guy who invented sleeping."

Tonight, in his last attempt to stall, he calls outs from his room:


"Yes, Garrett," said the somewhat perturbed, about-to-lose-his-patience father.

"Which do you like better? Gross Memorial Coliseum or Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City?"

It's at this point I gently remind my husband the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

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