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January 31, 2013

Oh, the humanity!

While Garrett has threatened to run away before, this week was the first time he ever packed a bag and headed out the door. His plan was to go stay with my sister’s family, who lives several blocks away from us. While he was packing, Daddy told him that he probably won’t be able to go to as many FHSU games, since they don’t have season tickets, and with one more mouth to feed, don’t expect so many trips to McDonalds.

The comments didn’t stop the determined lad, who said we were the worst parents IN THE WORLD. (Why are we so awful, you ask? Well, we didn’t let him play in a basketball tournament in Wichita over the weekend and his team won 1st place. And all of those playing received HUGE medals. Please, stop crying. You’ll make us feel even worse than we already do.)

I think reality hit the 9-year-old when he stepped out onto our porch. Maybe it was the cold dark night that made him pause, or perhaps it was when Dad told him “Goodbye” and closed the front door. After a few minutes, we turned on the porch light, opened the door, and in entered a milder child. I guess we weren’t so bad after all.

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January 29, 2013

Like Father, Like Son (again)

The timid, quiet boy who attends 3rdGrade is not the same child we see in our home. The moment Garrett steps foot into our house after school, his “announcer” voice pipes up and he begins to call his pretend game. With Santa bringing him a Playstation 3 console this holiday, we have had to distinguish between his imaginary games as “Fake Games” versus “PS3 Games.” Yes, I have seen more than my share of pretend game highlights or slow-motion replays.

Of course, Garrett has been calling games since he could speak (and probably before this but we didn’t know any better), so we have become slightly immune to this passion, or skill, or obsession, whatever you call it.

Pulling Garrett onto my lap for a quick wiggly snuggle, I asked him what he loves so much about his pretend games. As serious as could be, he responded, and I quote: “I really like the game itself, but I especially like it when the game gets intense and the crowd really gets into it.”

Crowd? What crowd? Is my kid hearing voices? This may explain the trance-like state he can be in when I just thought he wasn’t listening to me to do his homework or coming upstairs for supper. You have to admire his creative imagination!

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January 28, 2013

Resolve to Blog More!
I can't believe January is almost over and I have not blogged! I was doing so well prior to the holidays, but I promise to do better.

As I prepare for my birthday on Tuesday (I celebrate by attending a Legislative Summit at our Capitol!), I realized how important it is to record some of the past year's highlights. Of course, my highlights may coincide with my son's but experiencing his "firsts" are as much of a thrill to me as my own!

In 2012...
-Garrett learned how to blow his first bubble-gum bubble. I can't begin to tell you how many times I would turn after hearing a panic squeal, only to see a tiny slobbery bubble hanging from his lips.
-we became the family of tournaments, both in baseball and basketball. We are now tasked with getting a cork-board to hang up all his new medals.
-we also experienced our first athletic injury with Garrett "catching" a ball with his eye - what a shiner (and badge of honor) that caused!
-we travelled to see my brother's family at his new home near Casper, Wyoming. While it was fun seeing the family, we experienced history by driving past the worst fire season to hit the Front Range in decades.
-I was accepted onto my first state board (the KS Chamber of Commerce Executives-KCCE) while serving in my Chamber role. I'm excited to see what opportunities and challenges this will bring in the upcoming year!

Here's to the launch of a new year, with the hopes of experiencing more "firsts" and other celebrations!
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