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December 19, 2012

God Bless All Children
Last Friday after hearing of the Connecticut tragedy, I physically ached to hold my own son in my arms, reassuring myself he was OK as well as letting him know how much I loved him. (I'm sure millions of people across the globe felt the same way.)

When I arrived after school to pick him up, I found him standing in a circle amongst his friends. Love, need, panic, fear...whatever the emotion...suddenly engulfed me and I started hugging all of his friends. (The only one embarrassed by my emotional display was my child - his friends eagerly hugged me back.) I realized I wasn't only reacting as a parent, but as a compassionate citizen whose heart breaks for those living the tragedy minute-by-minute.

Garrett has had many questions since Friday, and we've been careful to share enough information without traumatizing him further. In the best way Garrett knows how, he showed his own empathy for those mourning; during his pretend basketball game, he spoke in his announcer voice saying "And we will now have a moment of silence to honor those children who died in Newtown, Connecticut."

May God provide love, peace and support to those who find the holiday season less merry this Christmas season.
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