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December 14, 2012

Outrageous Questions

At work, the conversation of the most ridiculous questions we have received came up - this made me think about several questions I have been asked personally. Some times, you just have to stop and laugh at the absurdity (and hope everyone else forgets the stupid questions I have asked them!)

Q) Are you and your twin brother identical twins?
A) Um, no - we do not have the same "plumbing."

Q) What is it like being a twin?
A) I don't know, what is it like being a single?

Q) (When telling someone I grew up on a farm) Is your dad a cowboy?
A) In Kansas, we don't call them "cowboys," we call them "farmers."

Q) (When telling someone I live in Kansas) Have you ever seen an Indian Raid?
A) Yeah, just last week as a tribe of Indians were chasing a buffalo herd down Main Street.

Q) You are from Kansas? Where is that? Is it by Kansas City?
A) (Honest to goodness, I have been asked this by other Americans! Mostly from Taxi Drivers) - Well, have you ever seen a map of the United States...?

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December 11, 2012

Six Semesters Down...
Today wrapped up my 6th semester of teaching Marketing Principles at FHSU. As I handed back their semester project (a 20-plus-page assignment using marketing strategies to promote them for their future career), I wish I would have remembered to share this advice:

o   Be sure to schedule in fun, down time, and time just for you. Keeping a healthy balance of work and play will help you keep from burning out later in life.
o   Be prepared the pace will change considerably after graduation – I was used to pushing myself hard with scheduled breaks and rest. Noaccrued vacation time means no "built-in" breaks.
o   Some of you may not live your life as you have planned out – that’s OK. I didn’t and yet I am living a fulfilling, rewarding life and career.
o   It is natural to focus on our weaknesses and faults but remember you also have strengths. Many times, you can learn, grow and turn these weaknesses into opportunities. Be fair to yourself; give yourself time to learn.
o   All your lives up until now, you have been a student. May you continue a life-long journey of self-exploration and a better understanding of the world around you.
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December 10, 2012

I'm sorry, Garrett
Sometimes, a loving, caring and supportive parent can make mistakes - in my case, I make many of them. However, this weekend I made my son feel insecure and for that, I feel HORRIBLE.

This winter, Garrett is playing on his first travelling basketball league with our first tournament held this weekend. We played our first game Saturday morning in Wichita, and I admit, I was discouraged to watch my son look so lost and awkward on the court. While all of the other boys were hustling and energetic, Garrett appeared rooted to the floor. (I know, he is only 8 years old - don't make me feel worse than I already feel.)

After the game, I came up with this crazy idea to offer money to Garrett for fouling out - my hope was I would encourage him to be more aggressive while letting him know a foul is better than not trying at all. Between games, we grabbed a bite to eat, when Garrett proclaimed that he knew who was the worst player on the team. He said it was him, and that I thought so because I was trying to pay him money to play better. What my son heard through my motivational speech was "My mom doesn't think I'm good."

My son's reaction was an uncomfortable mirror reflecting my ugly side - I got caught up in the parental competition of "whose child is best" and I forgot the most important rule of all - love my child for who he is because he is beautiful and talented in his own uniqueness. I promise you, Garrett, I will be your loudest cheerleader from here forward because I'm so proud of you - on AND off of the court!
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