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December 7, 2012

Angels Among Us
I ran into three angels yesterday. How do I know they were angels, you ask? Because each of them inspired me to be a better person and I felt so blessed after spending time with them.

The first angel provided me important feedback, guiding me on some complicated work issues. Having heard his perspective, although a few nuggets were a little tough to swallow, I knew in my heart how to best deal with my professional dilemma. I am so fortunate to have a friend who cares about me and my professional growth!

The second angel I gave a Poinsettia, thanking her for her generosity while reminding her how important her friendship is to me. She responded with such appreciation,  she made me want to buy Poinsettias for the entire community! My friend finds joy so easily and I'm continuously awed her faith and loving manner.

The third angel treated me to lunch - and it wasn't the meal that made me put him into this category. We began eating as strangers, but by the end of our hour, I was so warmed and touched by his story (i.e. life journey). I so admire him, not for his triumphs, but how he wants to share his knowledge and advice with others so they, too, can succeed.

All three of my angels gave their "gifts" to me genuinely and with a spirit of compassion and kindness. Perhaps these examples remind you of your angels. Let me share our family prayer that guides us on a daily basis:
"May guardian angels protect you, above, below, all around, and inside and out."
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December 5, 2012

Holiday Traditions
As a child, I could always count on several treats that made the holidays more perfect: Dad's pecan pie, Grandma's Frikadeller (Danish meatballs) and her rice pudding. Since my grandparents were Danish, the tradition was to blanch an almond (so it was white) and stir it into the creamy fluffy rice pudding; whoever got the almond got a prize, usually a homemade treasure created by my artistically talented Grandpa.

It was so cool how Santa would magically know where to find us during those Christmas trips to my grandparents' home. My twin brother and I would awake to his wristwatch alarm in the wee hours so we could sneak downstairs in their drafty home and take a first peek at our presents (as well as to soothe our worried minds that this would NOT be the year Santa missed us).

While Gerard and I share some of our childhood traditions with Garrett, it has been so much fun creating new traditions with him. When we decorate our tree, my two boys hang the ornaments while I get each one ready. We even bake sugar cookies so that we can freeze two and pull out  for Santa on Christmas Eve! 

And of course, the jingle bell door hanger reminds us we need to watch Polar Express - and every year, a little boy shakes it, making sure he can still hear the ringing tone, chanting the words "I believe...I believe..."

It doesn't even have to be Christmas yet for the spirit of the holiday to inspire me. As you read this, I hope you are warmed by your own special holiday memories as you prepare for this annual celebration!
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