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November 30, 2012

Sweet Post Script...

I'm happy to share with all that my mother-in-law (i.e. "Grandma Joan" as mentioned in the previous post) is feeling much better. She was able to come home on Thanksgiving Day after an overnight stay. To sum up, she was treated for dehydration. It's amazing how three bags of fluid can make a person feel better - isn't that right, Grandma?

On another note, after Garrett and I finished typing up his "Thankful" list below, he asked me: "Are those good because's?" 

(I know that isn't a real word, but I'm quoting here.)

I was struck by his innocence and sincerety. He was trying so hard to convey what fills his heart, but doesn't always know how to verbalize his emotions or intentions. His responses may have seen simple to some of us (should I say, jaded?) adults, but to him, those reasons mean the world.

I told him with a smile and a kiss: "Yes, Garrett, those are GREAT because's."

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