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November 22, 2012

What I'm Thankful for...

In the spirit of the holiday, here is what the Wellbrock family is thankful for, with Garrett Wellbrock, age 8, as the contributing author:

I'm thankful for:

-for my mom, because she keeps me energized and healthy.

-for my dad, because he gives us free basketball and football tickets. And he brings me to Fort Hays State basketball games. 

-for my grandparents, because they are really nice and I want to keep them healthy. (And I'm thankful Grandma Joan will get out of the hospital today.) 

-for my cousins, because they are really fun to play with and I think about those that live in the big towns, like New York, just in case another bad thing like 9-11 happens.

-my dog, Buddy, because he is my first dog and he plays with me and it's really fun.

-my friends, because I like them and I like it when they can come to my house and play. 

-for food, because it keeps us healthy and helps us stay alive.

-for God, because he gives the Holy Spirit to us and we can go to church and we can pray.

Editor's (i.e. Mom's) Note: I couldn't have said it better - but I'm VERY thankful for my son, Garrett! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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