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November 6, 2012

Family Voting
We had to wait 20 minutes in line, and ended up being late to school, but Garrett voted with me this morning. He was pretty excited until he found out his vote won't be counted in the overall election results. Then, when he realized I didn't vote all "R's" or "D's" he was bummed again, but discovering he was going to be 10 minutes late to school made him borderline grumpy.

Thank you to O'Loughlin Elementary School for not handing out Tardies to those students who voted with their parents! And even more kudo's to Principal Harmon for shaking hands with the kids who performed such an important American act - the right to vote!

It should be fun watching the election results together as history takes shape before his very young yet studious mind. (Oh please, just let his candidate win so I don't have another grump on my hands tomorrow!)
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