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October 6, 2012

Agnew Hall, Take 2

In 1961, an incoming freshman moved into Agnew Hall on the campus of Fort Hays State University. Eventually, she was set up on a blind date with another freshman, and the two married a few years later. Thus, begins the story of my parents.

While growing up, I loved when they talked about their college days; back then women had to wear dresses/skirts, were expected dine altogether in the main hall, and they must return to Agnew before curfew at 9 p.m. Of course, my parents were like other traditional students of today and rebelled against some of these rules. (Here's how "wild" my mom was: she would sneak to her bedroom the fried chicken bones to finish off after dinner - it was believed proper young ladies should only eat what a knife and fork could get and she thought this was such a waste of good chicken! Wilder times had her sneaking back into the residence hall closer to 10 p.m. - that is, if they could find someone to keep open the back door to get inside.)  

Two years ago, Agnew Hall was torn down because it no longer met standards. Today, a new Agnew Hall, which incorporates 4-bedroom suites, was dedicated during the FHSU Homecoming ceremonies, with a ribbon cutting event hosted by the Chamber. After 51 years of my parents' first meeting, I was pleased to be a part of a new memory that will influence future generations to come. 

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