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August 29, 2012

Blowing Bubbles
This summer, Garrett learned a new trick - how to blow a bubblegum bubble.

While this doesn't prove he's a genius or a prodigy, we all were happy for his accomplishment. With one simple action, Garrett took another step closer to adulthood and becoming the man he is destined to become. I know, maturity doesn't equate gum chewing so let me explain.

Garrett saw older people blow bubbles but he could not - this made him feel inferior, young and incapable. So most of this summer, after many - MANY - attempts, he finally taught himself to blow a bubble. (I think I might have strained my neck, turning quickly numerous times to observe a spit-blob hanging from a mouth after a little boy would grunt or whine excitedly to get my attention.)

What I observed was Garrett seeing success after experiencing failure. He didn't give up on his goal, and continued to believe in his abilities to triumph. I never realized how important the small victories can be, nor would I ever imagine finding a higher meaning to chewing gum. Let's just hope we don't have the gum-in-hair experience - that is one lesson the Wellbrock household can do without.
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