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July 31, 2012

Full Circle
This afternoon I will present to alumni association representatives who are from colleges making up the MIAA conference. Having worked for 4 years at the FHSU Alumni Association, I was so honored they asked me to present.

I can't help but connect how circular life is - I have told many how my experience working at the Alumni Assoc. prepared me well when working with Chamber members or volunteer groups to plan events or accomplish tasks. The diversity of needs, interests and goals of any membership-based organization is fascinating, not to mention, rewarding work for me. And later today, I will share advice on how to help groups perform effectively and successfully.

Yes, another example of life coming full circle!
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July 30, 2012

Our nephew, Levi

After years of camping, hiking, climbing, fishing as well as competing in derbies and receiving badges, my nephew Levi Dreiling earned his Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America.

While attending his ceremony, I realized this was more than a simple celebration of him earning an award. This ritual truly embodied the growth of a boy to a man, the passing between youth and adulthood. Ancient times celebrated this rite of passage only to have modernization allow this tradition to fade away. What a wonderful opportunity for Levi to celebrate his accomplishment with his loved ones, but more importantly, for Levi to understand the expectations, measurements and duties involved as he matures into the man he is becoming.

We are proud of you, Levi - thanks for being such a great role model for our son, Garrett! (If only you would brush your teeth regularly! HA!)

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