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July 26, 2012

Our son, Jon

Last summer, we invited a complete stranger to live in our basement. And this stranger has now become part of our family.

In our town, there is a summer collegiate baseball team called the Larks. Athletes from all over the country create this team, living in Hays from June to July. Since the timing doesn't easily work out for rental options, these players live with host families, which our family participates.

When Jon Ryan entered our home last year, he immediately fit in and became the "big brother" our son idolizes. He returned for a second summer and our routine continued as if the 9 months between never existed. Both Gerard and I have talked how we consider Jon a blend of son, nephew, and little brother - whatever you call it, Jon is family.

We realized last night our time with Jon is about to come to another end, which seems sad. As of now, we don't know if Jon can return for another summer, but we would have him back in a heartbeat. I'm already dreading telling him goodbye (and dreading more how my son will handle the emotion).

Whether Jon ever makes it to the big leagues or not, he certainly is the Wellbrock's favorite "All-Star." Best wishes to Jon as he returns to his life, studies and baseball in Chicago!

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July 25, 2012

Simple Pleasures
Last night, Garrett wanted to snuggle in our bed with us before heading to his bed (i.e. our floor). It was late, we parents were tired and not wanting to prolong the going-to-sleep routine of a little boy. So, pulling up the sheet, I barely spoke the two-syllable word "O-Kay" when I had a wriggling body fitting himself up next to mine. I have to admit, it was pretty cozy.

This made me remember a time when visiting my grandmother; Garrett was not quite 1 year old and we entered the rest home where Grandma lived. As we walked down the hallway, Garrett in my arms, another elderly woman in a wheelchair greeted us, making over our baby. She asked to hold him, and with some reservation, I handed him over to her. Ever so gently, she enveloped him into a hug, deeply breathing in his baby essence, all the while her eyes closed and her mouth smiling. She took such pleasure in simply embracing this baby - I'm sure, remembering times ago holding her own loved ones. Whatever her thoughts, her face radiated with pure joy.

I'm guessing if someone saw me last night, my face would have mirrored her expression.
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