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July 9, 2012

Historic Summer
Now that summer is half-way over (don't the days just seem to fly post-July 4th?), I can't help but think of what I have and have not accomplished so far during this summer "vacation." While I always wish for more time relaxing, travelling, soaking up the sun, etc., I have to say the time has been eventful, to say the least!

For instance, the first week in June, I attended a conference in Madison, WI. During my stay, the state had a recall-election to remove Governor Scott Walker. Despite support at the booths (and thus Walker keeping his job), there were plenty of activists picketing on the Statehouse lawn. Amongst all of the hoopla, TV reporters, chaos and tents, I roamed around taking pictures. I briefly thought about getting a "I Hate Walker" sticker just to remain safe amidst the hostile crowd, but all remained calm.

The other historic moment occurred last week during our travels to visit my brother's family in Wyoming. Driving almost 60 miles into Colorado on I-70, we stopped at Flagler for a break. The smell and haze from forest fire smoke surrounded us. We continued to drive to Denver and north through Fort Collins and Cheyenne before reaching Glenrock/Casper, WY. Not once during the entire trip did we see the mountain range (which is possible during normal conditions) and there were times the visibility was less than a half-mile. The smoke seeped into the car, and our clothes in our suitcases reeked of smoke. I cannot imagine what the experience has been for those families closer to the fires. Even if their homes weren't destroyed, it will take much effort to clear away the smoke smell/damage.

If anyone is interested in helping those impacted by the recent forest fires, check out this Salvation Army site for more details:
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