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May 10, 2012

5 Golden Rings
(School Bell Rings, that is!)

Today marks the final day of teaching my fifth semester of Marketing Principles at Fort Hays State University. It has been an amazing experience and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to balance this responsibility with my daily job (Thanks, Hays Area Chamber Board of Directors!)

As I'm sure those in careers involving teaching, mentoring, supervising, etc. will relate, I have discovered I learned far more from my students than what I probably taught them. Here are just a few of my personal learning moments:

-Twice a week, I practiced public speaking to perhaps the most critical crowd possible. By watching body language, evaluating feedback and listening to comments, I have continued developing the art of presentation. Certainly a plus for me working in the Chamber world!

-Some students in my class have overcome incredible adversity to even make it to the collegiate world. Despite abuse, unplanned pregnancies, divorce, poverty or even death of a loved one, these students persevere through tragedy. I am so inspired by their courage and desire to create a better future while balancing the daily grind of school and life.

-My admiration for International students increases with every student I meet. The heartbreak of leaving families and friends to travel across the globe is in itself amazing (especially since I now live only 90 miles from my childhood home). However, these young adults arrive in a country so unlike their own, speaking a different language they may not easily understand, and are completely alone on this journey. All because they know this opportunity to study abroad will bring pride to their family as well as open a door to a successful career.

I often hear today's youth are irresponsible, immature, undependable and apathetic. However, I believe my chaotic pace to juggle this teaching gig has been worth it because of this one final realization: if these young people from my 5 different classes are the future leaders of our world, I strongly believe we are in good hands. Best wishes to all those FHSU students graduating this Saturday!
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