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May 3, 2012

Take the lead
The Wellbrock family took our first bike ride of the year, enjoying a beautiful Spring evening. A fresh breeze whipping through my hair and touching my face; a nice burn in my leg muscles as I pumped the pedals; moments sorting out my own thoughts while spending quality time with my familly - for me, these elements are what make bicycling unique from other activities.

I discovered, however, an interesting observation about leading and leadership. When we began, I took the lead cyclist role, with Gerard lagging behind our son so Garrett could remain in our protective pocket. With my family "blind" to me, I kept trying to gain visibility by looking continuously over my shoulder. With my focus on what was happening behind me, I didn't keep my eye on obstacles ahead, thus ultimately putting all of us at a greater risk for harm.

Making a turn naturally put Gerard in the lead, and I realized I became more comfortable with my position in the group. My son was still protected (yes, motherly instinct kicking in) and I had full view of my future (literally and figuratively). I now was able to communicate effectively with my family and give cycling advice to my son.

With Gerard as our leader, I suppose that makes me the follower to some people's perspective. Yet, I demonstrated leadership by choosing the best role for the situation, providing guidance and better communication to my team, as well as cheering on the others to perform to their best. My AHA! moment was to observe this definition played out in real life: Leadership is not a role, a position or a title - it is an activity. This was my example of leadership in motion - what does leadership look like to you?
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April 29, 2012

Corn, Beans and Iceberg Lettuce - Oh, MY!

I am overwhelmed.

Recently, I discovered I have developed adult allergies. Not only am I allergic to most inhalants (dogs, cats, most trees, weeds, molds and dust), I'm also allergic to many food items, including: corn, iceberg lettuce, orange, rye, string beans, coffee, cow's milk, white potatoes, vanilla, pork, honey and egg whites. Yep, that pretty much removes all of my menu standards.

This weekend, I went through my fridge and pantry, removing all items with banned ingredients. My goal is to eliminate these foods for 6 months from my diet, with hopes this will help me naturally detox my body so I can reintroduce these foods without reaction. Let's just say, the pantry is pretty bare! I never had any idea so many items used a form of corn, whether as corn starch or corn syrup. Even if the ingredients tout no "High Fructose Corn Syrup" doesn't mean the item doesn't have corn! 

If anyone has any good recipes that don't include diary or corn or eggs (or other listed above), then please send them my way!  


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