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February 13, 2012

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'd like to share a sweet story about life in the Wellbrock home. Since fate chose for Gerard and me to have only one child, we do our best to provide the most enriching life possible for Garrett. Without siblings to lean on, Garrett often looks to us to serve the roles as confidants or punching bags.

We may not hear the pitter-patter of lots of feet in our house (not including pets and other varmints, of course!) but we do get to share special times that those in big families do not. One such time is our evening routine: I don't mean the numerous stalls to get a drink or a snack, or not wanting to get on his jammies or to brush his teeth. It's after all those tasks are done that comes the really special moment.

Garrett hops up in his bed and the three of us lean in for a kiss. With our three bodies forming a triangle, we have dubbed this our "Tri-Kiss." I can't think of a better gift from my two favorite Valentine's and I can get this gift any time of the year!
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February 12, 2012

Junk or no junk? That is the question.

Chalk up another "first" in my life this week: for two consecutive days, I opened my mail box only to discover...nothing. After a quick review, I determined it wasn't a national holiday, the mail wasn't delivered late, nor had Gerard gotten it earlier. The hard cold truth was we had no mail.

After decades of complaining about junk mail and bills, I realized the next step worse than unwanted mail was no mail at all. At least upon first glance at a stack of colored paper of all shapes and sizes, you experience a glimmer of hope there might be something of value waiting to be ripped open and savored. 

No mail - no hope. What a sad thought. Even sadder? To discover I like junk mail. 


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