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January 30, 2012

From the mouth of Garrett

When people state they loved the "baby stage" or the "toddler years" of their children's lives, I can't help but think that my favorite stage with Garrett is whichever one he is in at the time. I have taken great joy in each of his life phases, appreciating the fact his health allows him to mature naturally as a growing child should.

Garrett has always been above-average with his language skills (I would hope having two parents who majored and made a career in communications would be an advantage!). Here are two cute examples of his language learning at work!

#1: While playing with a new toy on my work desk, he struggled trying to achieve the toy's objective. He claimed: "This game is UN-possible!"

#2: As we drove past our neighborhood Wal-Green's, Garrett noticed the sign stating "1-Hour Photo." He asked what that meant, so I did my best at explaining. After giving my answer some thought, he said he didn't think he would use this service. Baffled, I asked him why not? He replied, "Because it would take 5 hours to make 5 pictures!"

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