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January 27, 2012

It's my birthday, too, yeah!

As a high school junior, I thought I was so clever when I used our school intercom to wish my twin brother "Happy Birthday."

In typical Tammy-style, I sang the lyrics to the Beatles' song: "duh-duh duh-duh duh-duh duh-duh, You say it's your birthday....It's my birthday, too!" Since we were the only twins in our small town, everyone knew who the anonymous singer was.

Now that we are both older  - and I do add, he is 10 minutes OLDER than me! - I have trouble remembering his birthday (yes, they say the memory is the first to go...). Not this year, though! I ordered gourmet brownies to be delivered to his work place before our big day!

We were born Sunflower Day babies, and even though he is no longer living in the state, I'm pretty sure he still knows when Kansas celebrates their anniversary!

Happy Birthday, Big Brother! Love always, your little sis.

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January 23, 2012

Forget the water, lead the horse to rest instead
During lunch, my dear friend and mentor relayed to me a beautiful analogy of a mountain horse and a successful leader. Here's my summary of his story:

If you lead a horse up through a mountain trail, you can keep going and going until the horse drops dead. The horse will follow orders until it can no longer physically do so. Any animal lover or horse expert understands stopping periodically is not about being lazy; letting a horse have time to rest and refresh is just another step in the process to reaching the top.

It's not uncommon in the workforce to witness some managers pushing their employees to the brink, assigning project after project until - until what? Burnout? Stress overload? Something worse? Effective leaders understand the importance of employee downtime. In fact, the really great ones go beyond simply encouraging it and will schedule resting periods for their highly motivated personnel. In today's business culture, we so often focus on the next "mountain to climb" that we forget the basic need: we must first take care of our team so that we all can forge ahead successfully.
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January 22, 2012

Mother-Son Dance
Yesterday, the Wellbrock family spent the day celebrating the wedding of a friend: we culminated the festivities at the dance. And my, how an eight-year-old enjoyed the dance! 

As like most area Catholic wedding dances, the Wedding March kicked off the event. I stood in line following the other party-goers, proudly holding the hand of my little guy. Gerard told me later that when he walked up to join us, he even got waved off - no need for another man when Garrett was there!

Later, while most of the guests teared up watching the father-bride dance, I got weepy during the mother-son portion. Rubbing my only child's shoulders as we watched, I couldn't help but think that will be us someday. Swaying to the music, I wondered what we will visit about as all eyes are on us. I wondered what I will really be thinking & feeling deep inside. Will I be happy for him? Will I like my future daughter-in-law? Can I like the woman who will steal his heart away from mine, the one who will know him better than I ever hope to? Will he become more of a stranger, or will I gain the daughter I never had?

For the time though, all I can do is enjoy every minute possible of this fast-paced "mommy" dance. And be sure I don't step on little toes as I do.
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