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November 26, 2011

Christmas Comes Early

Like hundreds of other Hays natives, I spent my Black Friday in search of steals and deals. Yes, I got up at the "crack of 9 a.m." and shopped with those who had pulled all nighters; thankfully, I didn't witness any of the idiocy of those frenzied mobs in other communities, but was pleased with all of the savings on my holiday gift purchases.

I should have known all of the wish-lists, idea-generation and planning was pointless. As an after thought, I picked up a 99-cent mouthpiece for Garrett. For some reason, his life wasn't complete without this important - dare I say vital? - piece of athletic equipment. Once he knew this treasure awaited him, he could barely wait to rip open the package. His sky-blue eyes practically flashed sparks of excitement as the mouthpiece rested in the boiling water - the longest 15 seconds of his seven-year-old lifespan. He braved the hot plastic with admirable courage as he bit down hard, molding the black goo around his teeth.

We should call today Black Saturday - since Garrett hasn't removed his mouthpiece all day, his teeth will probably turn black as well. At least now I have new "currency" to get him to brush his teeth!

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November 21, 2011

Rush Junkie
Tomorrow wraps up a hectic two-week schedule filled with presentations and speaking opportunities. Kicking off the guest-speaker circuit was the National Honor Society, followed by presentations to the Hays High Entrepreneur class, Sunflower Bank's High School Ambassador group, emcee for the Hays Area Children Center annual Christmas Tree Auction and tomorrow's guest presenter for the Hays Soroptomist Club. Busy time, yes, but an incredibly fulfilling one as well.

I realize for many, public speaking petrifies them, instilling a fear greater than that of death. For some bizarre reason, I am energized by these events, believing I may make a difference through my words. Whether true or not, the natural high I experience during these presentations is a buzz difficult to replicate with other means. I compare speaking engagements with other performances; I've always enjoyed performing, whether I'm playing a role on stage or singing for an event.

This probably explains why I signed up to sing the National Anthem for Sunday's FHSU Men's Basketball game. I wonder if this means I'm addicted to the adrenalin rush?
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