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November 7, 2011

What an honor!
Tonight, I was the guest speaker at Hays High's National Honor Society induction ceremony. What an honor (no pun intended) to be asked to participate in such a prestigious event! It was also a thrill to see the children of friends, Chamber members and business leaders - I can't believe some of these "kids" are now responsible young adults! I saw many proud parents as I'm sure I would be (and hopefully will get to be someday!)

One attendee commented on my speech, telling me I am "such a natural and make it look so easy." What a compliment! Of course, I can quickly recall every "ummm" I made as well as when my voice cracked because of nerves.  Thankfully, people are forgiving as long as the speaker is genuine and throws in an occasional humorous bit.

Teaching class has been wonderful practice twice a week in developing my presentation skills. Could it be that the teacher is still a student after all?
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