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November 5, 2011


Last week's date night with the hubby included dinner and a movie; we chose the remake of the great 80's film "Footloose" and loved it. I have no intention of providing a movie review with my blog, but if you liked the first one, you will like this one as well. 

This is the first remake from my young adult life that I've seen so I experienced teenage emotions "twice removed." As a kid, I was enamored by the music, dancing, and young love. I could relate easily to the youthful issues depicted on the big screen; however it was surreal to watch this updated version with my 40-year-old eyes.

It dawned on me that my nephew is close to my age when I originally saw this film. He is now riding the emotional roller coaster typical of the high school era. While I remember feeling these tumultous, confusing and exciting emotions at one time, I am so glad to be far, far away from those days and hormonal fluxes.

When so many are obsessed with youth, facelifts, tummy tucks or mid-life crises, I'm thankful to be reminded that getting older isn't always so bad.

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November 3, 2011

All in a "Day"
Today is the day that I must throw out the dead, shrivelled starting-to-smell carnations sitting on my desk. Its partner, a once-cheery mylar balloon shaped like a cheese chunk with a mouse on top (how clever with its imprinted "Happy Boss's Day to the Big Cheese"), floats a little lower than it once did. As much as I enjoyed the sentiment from my staff (as well as the Chamber Cheques that were attached!!), I often question days devoted to honoring another.

Take for instance my most hated holiday: Valentine's Day (probably because of two boyfriends who dumped me on this day 3 years apart, but who keeps track of that?) Do we really need reminders on showing special people we love or appreciate them? How about Mother's Day or Father's Day? Or Grandparents' or Administrative Professional's Day? These people we care most about personally or make our work day more rewarding deserve more than one day, don't they?

Have we really become a society so self-absorbed or lacking in time, thought and consideration we don't stop long enough to tell those truly important to us how much we appreciate them? If so, than here is my efficient and thrifty suggestion: eliminate all of these "holidays" and celebrate once a year on Thanksgiving. Nothing says "I care" better than eating a slice of pumpkin pie in someone's honor...the more whipped cream on top, the more appreciation????

I truly hope: my Chamber team knows how much I enjoy working with them; my husband knows I absolutely adore him; my family knows I cherish their continuous love; and my friends know our relationships fill my life with joy. If you don't know this, than tell me so that I can buy you an even bigger chocolate heart next February.
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November 1, 2011

A Welcoming Center
Recently, I attended a conference where Chamber peers across the state gathered together. It was wonderful to meet, network and learn from talented people experiencing similar situations, problems or events.

However, one concern I heard from several communities was the inability of their civic leadership to work together effectively. Specifically, the offices of economic development, visitor and tourism, main street/downtown programs and chambers of commerce were the four entities that struggled in "playing nice" with each other.

This news shocked me! In Hays, I have found my strongest allies, mentors and friends within the offices of what I have dubbed "the 4 corners of leadership." Each corner of the Welcome Center houses four directors' offices: Jana Jordan (CVB); Traci Konrade (Downtown Hays Dev. Corp.); Aaron White (ECC); and me (Chamber). Each director has been instrumental in my overall professional and personal growth, with every office teaching me something new every day! I'm so fortunate to have these positive and influential resources located so close to me.

The Hays Welcome Center is more than a physical roof over four independent offices; it is the symbolic umbrella encompassing the pulse of our city. We are stronger when we work together and the Welcome Center is a great example of teamwork at its best!
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October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!
Today is my favorite holiday - and not just because this is the only day where you can scare someone and then get rewarded with candy! (Although that is pretty cool...)

I love this day because of the creativity, fun and excitement that is generated. Of course, today is all about being social, visiting neighbors you don't often see except for Halloween or sharing a smile with someone adorned in an outrageous costume.

As a child, it also marked a day of independence. Growing up in a very small town, my parents would often let me and a group of friends walk the gravel streets of town, knocking on every door to gather a treat or, sometimes, be asked by "Old Lady J" to perform a trick (which meant we had to sing for her). I loved everything about the evening: the candy (of course), the crisp weather, the fall foliage, the freedom and most importantly, the trust earned from my parents.

Now I'm the parent, and tonight I get the opportunity to give to my son his own freedom. Yep, tonight my son will be parent-less as he walks the neighborhood with a friend and his older sister. That's what I love most about this town I live in - the faith that our neighborhood is safe enough so that I can give my son this important rite-of-passage moment.

Here's wishing all of you a fun, safe, and low-calorie candy-filled Halloween!
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