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October 26, 2011

Career Goals
(I found this written blog on my computer, completely forgotten since the New Year. It was fun to read now that I’m almost ten months into my job, and I’m pleased to say that I’m meeting most of these goals except for #4, and I’m sure some will argue that I’m not very successful with goal #2 either! Oh well! Do you remember your goals and if so, how do you measure?)

Ever since I decided to apply for the Chamber Director position, my mind has been filled with ideas – so many, in fact, that these ideas will wake me up in the middle of the night. I realize these ideas may take months or years to accomplish, yet there are other goals I have that make my 2011 Professional New Year’s Resolution list.
1.   Listen more, talk less.
I may have many ideas and beliefs as to how to make positive improvements at the Chamber, but I’m also fortunate to step into a situation that doesn’t need any immediate fixes or changes.
2.   Use my “filter” before speaking!
3.   Stay controlled emotionally.
4.   Exercise to reduce stress.
5.   Balance personal, family and work time.
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October 25, 2011

Marketing and Dating
I wasn't very comfortable going into today's class (if you remember, I teach one section of Marketing Principles class at FHSU). The topic was Integrated Marketing Communications, and I understand to many students of traditional college age they find this subject rather dry. 

While I stood lecturing in front of the class, watching their eyes glaze over, inspiration struck. I was presenting to them the concept of AIDA: simply put, this is how your marketing efforts should create Awareness; gain the Interest of your target market; encourage Desire to proceed to the next step which is take Action.

I think the students finally got it when I presented this scenario: a boy at a bar becomes AWARE of a pretty girl. His INTEREST motivates him to follow his DESIRE to go up and talk to her (thus taking ACTION). In turn, the boy wants the girl to become AWARE of him, develop an INTEREST to talk more, so that she DESIRES going out on a date with him (ACTION).

Simple enough message, but it got the point across!
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October 24, 2011

All Stepped Out
Please accept my apology for being a bad blogger for the past few months. I've been a little busy. Here's the summary of my excuse:

When I interviewed for my new Chamber position, I expressed my desire to create a campaign where I visit the local business community. What began as an interview idea developed quickly into a full-blown campaign called "Stepping Out." The idea was to promote, inform, tally, and measure our efforts so all Hays businesses knew what we were trying to accomplish.

In mid-may, we launched our efforts in seeing businesses, with the hope of wrapping up all visits by Labor Day. Somewhere along the way, we received count from the Kansas Department of Labor of approximately 1,100 businesses located in Hays. I'm assuming home-based businesses are part of this count, but because of safety reasons, we chose to only visit the "brick-and-mortar" businesses.

Many days were spent melting in 100-plus degree heat, or braving "breezy" days (picture hurricane activity - but hey, no bugs!), walking and driving to places and streets I had never stepped foot on. Heck, some of the businesses I didn't even know existed!

I learned so much about this town I've lived in for over 20 years - specifically, how and why different industries impact our community in the manner in which they do. I've toured several manufacturers, offices and organizations - I have far more appreciation for the tasks they complete (one place we toured the temperature got near 120 degrees due to welding and summer heat!).

As of 9:30 a.m. this morning, I toasted the Chamber staff, while celebrating with the Welcome Center building on a job completed. Yes, after almost 6 months of stepping out, WE ARE DONE! We have made our best attempt to visit each and every business and our best guess tally at this time is around 950 businesses. Some businesses were closed, locked or the boss was gone, so we left our "footprint" (i.e. a post-it-note business card). Our next step is to follow up with those who requested more information about Chamber membership and/or involvement.

Now I'll focus on getting back to my desk job, and back to my blogging!
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