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August 22, 2011

Summer Snapshop
Last night, Gerard and I talked about our summer, the fun and wonderful memories we created as a family. The simple discussion brought such vivid pictures to mind, and I knew I must get these visions down in writing.

The most picturesque part of the summer involves brown eyes - those of both my dog Buddy and our Lark's player Jon. (Sorry, Jon, I don't mean to equate you with a canine, but since you both came into our lives around the same time, and you both have big beautifully-lashed chocolate brown eyes, I will continue to look into Buddy's eyes and think of you as well!)

Of course, this vision morphs into crystal blue eyes - those of my son's as he came rushing into my arms after a week away visiting my brother's family in Wyoming. The way his face melted into a beaming smile when he first saw me as he arrived home still makes me melt as well!

The last picture tattooed on my heart is the image of my two favorite boys: a helmet-clad Garrett wobbling down the street riding his bicycle with Gerard running beside helping him keep balance.
What great memories to end one season while we begin a new season and new school year!
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