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August 19, 2011

Proud Patriot
As the Chamber director, I enjoy the perk of meeting high-level job candidates applying for various director positions in the community. Wednesday, I met a finalist for the United Way Director, and was sharing positive aspects about the community. While doing so, I realized that the best way to explain the heart and soul of our community was to invite him to Vine Street at 2:15 that afternoon.

As I expected, thousands came to stand along the processional path for the fallen soldier CW2 Bryan Nichols, who was one of the casualties of the downed Chinook in Afghanistan. His remains were flown in on Wednesday, with his funeral service held today. The community was encouraged to line the path his remains would take while travelling from the airport to the funeral home.

It was a proud and somber moment for me, as I stood along the street with my son and niece, waving our US Flags as the processional passed before us; proud because so many Hays citizens paid tribute to this hero, but sad for the family left behind to journey forward without a son, brother, husband or father. I couldn't stop hugging my own son as I thanked God for the many blessings in my life.

Rest in peace, Bryan and thank you for giving so much for all of us.
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August 17, 2011

Balancing Act
Watching Garrett bike ride, wobbling back and forth, gaining both his confidence and balance, I thought of how often I struggle balancing: balancing my professional career with family; balancing relaxation with exercise; balancing fun with play.

An idea struck me mid-stride while I attempted to keep up with my son’s latest talent. Just as bike riding takes practice, so do the balancing acts (whether literally or not). I’m glad to say I’m getting better but as they say, practice makes perfect!
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August 14, 2011

Riding a bike
When Garrett tries anything and fails, it is difficult to convince him to try again. Take for instance, riding his bike. Two falls ago, we took off his training wheels; on his first venture, he confidently took off only to hold his hands directly in the air and celebrate. Of course, he crashes. He hasn’t wanted anything to do with his bike since except for a few attempts in the back yard. One way. On grass. For only about 10 feet and less than 10 minutes total.

Tonight, we tried a new location and new approach – down by our neighborhood park and with our dog Buddy running beside him to provide encouragement. (Yes, that meant Mommy ran, too!) On the first curve, he lost control and almost “lost it.” I was so proud of his ability to gain control and keep trying. After we finished tonight, he said, “Let’s ride again tomorrow!”

“OK!” said the two proud parents!

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