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July 22, 2011

Mix it up!
While "Stepping Out" yesterday to meet with the local business community, I was able to unscientifically measure the Hays Area Chamber's marketing efforts. The results supported my gut instinct, and I thought it important to share with you.

To date, the Chamber has promoted our Stepping Out Campaign via: Chamber newsletter, radio spots, newspaper ads, newspaper columns and Facebook postings. The latest newspaper column I wrote ran two days ago in the local paper, and of course, my picture is printed right beside it. After entering one office, the receptionist looked up from her desk and did a double-take, exclaiming, "I just read your article yesterday in the paper! I can't believe you are actually stepping into our office today - that is so cool!" Talk about stroking my ego and making me feel like a movie star!

When we walked into another office shortly later and got a similar reaction, I replied he must have read last night's paper. After saying he wasn't "a paper reader" he then explained he follows our efforts via Facebook. Two offices later, someone else shared how they love my radio spot and how the footstep sound effects caught her attention. Earlier that same day, one person said they saw our newspaper ad and another read about our latest statistics in the monthly Chamber newsletter.

Information is pushed and pulled differently based on both the medium and the audience. While one person may be a "radio person," another may never turn on the dial. Others may embrace the digital world while others don't own a computer. Business owners should not determine their promotional venues based on their own personal habits or interests, but invest in a media mix. Marketing analysts have told us this for years - now my gut is telling you as well!
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July 19, 2011

Ode to Buddy
Now I lay me down to sleep;
I pray my dog won't make a peep.
And through the night, so sly and willow;
That damn dog disembowels my pillow.

Does anyone know of cheap pillows for sale? With bulk discounts?
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