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July 6, 2011

Coffee, please!
A funny thing happened on the way to work today. I decided to stop at Moka's for a much-needed cup of caffeinated heaven - I ordered but couldn't drive forward due to another vehicle in line. So I waited. And waited. And waited some more. I thought it was uncharacteristically slow, so I assumed they must be overly busy; however, I couldn't see ahead in the line due to the building's corner obstructing my view.

About that very moment, the Moka's manager surprised me by poking her head near my window, motioning for me to drive around the truck - as I did, I noticed her approaching the driver to speak to him as well.

Guess what - the driver had fallen asleep! And of all places, in line for his coffee! Now there is a person that really needs his morning cup of joe!
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July 3, 2011

Mr. Snotty-Pants
As many in Hays know, I’m visiting every business in the area to introduce myself on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce. So far, I haven’t lost any weight (which wasn’t the goal, but it would have been a nice perk!) but I have met some great people and learned interesting tidbits about our local business community.

Only one experience clouds our effort, as we walked into one business (which will remain nameless) where a Manager was extremely RUDE. Here’s a quick recap: we walked into ABC Company, and were greeted by a kind older gentleman. After hearing our purpose, he called for Mr. Snotty-pants to come visit with us, when Mr. S. yelled back “What for?” Thinking he was joking, I retorted “Because we are nice ladies!”

That so-called-manager stood where he was (which was about 10 feet away) and ignored us. He wasn’t assisting anyone nor did he attempt to look as if he was busy. After a few minutes of waiting and watching the nice worker become extremely embarrassed, we handed over our business card and left.

Sadly the ABC Company (who deals with the agricultural industry) lost a customer that day – not me, but my coworker Celeste. You see, her husband is a local farmer, and he also knows many other local farmers. Celeste and I are not vindictive people, but I believe other customers have a right to know. And more than likely, so will the business’ owner, after a follow-up phone call. Stupid move, Mr. S!
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Date Night(s)
Our son travelled with my sister’s family to visit my brother’s family in Wyoming. This is the first time Garrett has ever been away from home without one of us, and from my quick very-obvious-to-me-I-was-interrupting-him phone call today with him, all is going very well. He told me before the trip that he was excited “to spend time with family he doesn’t get to see often;” I keep getting the most adorable pictures texted to me proving he is indeed having quality family time.

This left Mom and Dad to have a weekend to ourselves! We’ve been almost giddy considering what all we can do with all of our free time! First on our agenda was to rent 2 Rated R movies and not tune once to Nickelodeon on TV! We’ve stayed up late, slept in late, went to a concert at Wild West Festival, went to a movie (OK, it was PG-13 but definitely NOT a kid movie!), enjoyed a night cap at a local bar AND drove to Salina to eat Red Lobster!

As much fun as this 3-day treat has been, I still miss the little stinker.
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