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June 17, 2011

Taking care of self

Travelling to the Chamber Institute in Madison, I found myself dozing during the pre-flight routine safety announcements. While there are certainly more savvy travelers than I, I’ve flown on my share of flights and thus didn’t feel the need to listen closely this time. However, my seven-year-old son listened intently, causing me to take notice of the script with a more parental ear.

Advice that struck me profoundly was the part about putting the oxygen mask on me first before attending to others. Makes sense enough, since I may have enough oxygen to help Garrett, but not enough to complete the process on me.

This made me think about my non-flying habits – how often do I delay my own needs by first helping my family. I rarely exercise anymore because after working all day, preparing supper, cleaning up the kitchen, preparing for bedtime (which can take hours depending on my son), I find I’m so exhausted I either collapse into bed, or worse yet, eat some junk food while watching TV.

Maybe we could all learn a bit from the airline: take care of yourself first, then others second.

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June 16, 2011

Brave Soles

In the spirit of Memorial Day, it’s important to remember the brave soles belonging to the Wellbrock family. Soles that fought so valiantly before succumbing their lives to the jaws of death. Specifically, the jaws of our dog, Buddy.

Yes, the end of May marked not only the passing of yet another month; it also marked the passing of many good shoes. Buddy hasn’t been all too selective on what he chews on, since his puppy teething stage is in full bloom. However, we had to replace all of Garrett’s shoes, several of mine as well as Gerard’s, so you can imagine the investment.

Many friends and family have encouraged us to return him to the pound, selecting another dog that would be less likely to chew. However, one look at the strong bond between son and dog and it is evident that this is a battle we parents aren’t willing to launch. As the war against our shoes rages on, so does our determination, loyalty and love for this canine companion.

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June 14, 2011

Budding conversationalist

Garrett felt so grown up being included on the trip to Madison for my Chamber conference. Many could read the pride in his twinkling blue eyes for earning his airline wings, not once but twice! Of course, getting to stay up WAY past his bedtime to attend two major league baseball games was pure icing, and he did his best to mingle with the fellow adults.

One the way back “home” (i.e. to the hotel) from one game, he was determined not to be left out of the conversation. In a mature voice, he claimed from out of the blue: “I can’t believe that Toronto is in Canada!”

For the rest of the trip, that became our mantra – and our tribute – to such a BIG young man!

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