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May 30, 2011

Know Thy Neighbor
My heart goes out to the communities devastated by recent tornadic activity in Kansas and Missouri. I’ve watched the television coverage with a horrific fascination, as I see scenes pulled from my worst nightmares displayed on the screen.

The first journalist to arrive on scene in Joplin was a tornado chaser for the Weather Channel. He interviewed several survivors searching for neighbors shortly after the twister hit. What resonated with me was how so many people knew details about their neighbors, such as whether they were home during the storm or whether they had accounted for everyone.

I think of my neighborhood and while I know some well, I don’t know everyone down my street. Sure, I wave when passing and take my son trick-or-treating during Halloween, but other than that, I don’t have much interaction. If the tragedy in Joplin has any silver lining, I hope it encourages me and my virtual friends to reach out and connect with those living close by. It may just save our lives.
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