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May 24, 2011

K-9, P-2

Despite the sometimes "dragging" walks, Buddy does a great job walking with a leash. While walking him tonight, I discovered an interesting analogy regarding his leash. Whenever we got close to an intersection or neared a stranger, I tightened the hold. Likewise, I slackened the leash whenever I felt more trusting of Buddy or comfortable in the surrounding. Sometimes I have to gently tug or firmly nudge him in the direction I want to take. Every now and then, he gets distracted (Squirrel!) and it is my challenge to help him refocus on our walk.

This relates so well with my role as mom and supervisor. When my son was a toddler, I held his hand at stores mainly for security reasons. I may trust him more now as he is older to not trip, but I still guide him when crossing streets. At work, I delegate more and more duties when the level of trust goes up. I provide feedback when needed, so that the employee and the office can be as effective and successful as possible.

If only I could keep from getting distrac....ooh look! A rainbow!

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May 23, 2011

K-9, P-1
(Canine, Part 1)
Last night, I took Buddy for a walk - and it was a drag, literally. He chocked, he strained, he gasped, as I struggled trying to keep up with his strong pull.

We walked past a friend, who stopped us to admire the dog. He had noticed the dog's energy and remarked, "This dog wants to run."

My initial thoughts included about every excuse in the book to avoid running, and yet I knew he was right.

Now, let me parallel this incident from a scene happening today at work. A member came in with a proposal he wanted the Chamber to help launch. While I agreed the idea was great, my initial thought was hesitation and fear. Fear because I was concerned I had the abilities, energy and resources to successfully perform. 

How often do you find yourself wanting to keep pace with "the big dog," but you let your own inabilities, emotions and phobias take control? I'm embarrassed to admit that I too often find the easy out and instead choose a more leisurely stroll. So, tonight on my evening walk, I mixed in a jog/walk and I had a much happier dog!
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