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April 30, 2011


(Can't you just hear the ominous chord sound while reading that title?)

Early on in our new dog experience, I thought it would be cute to post on Facebook the countdown of items destroyed by Buddy. After a few days (and sleepless nights), that idea seems less "cute." However, today I HAD to upload a picture of the damage done to our couch. Our new phrase in our house: "No, No, Buddy!"

Besides our couch, Buddy is obsessed with shoes - we can't slip off our shoes without one being stealthily (is that even a word?) carried away. He knows he shouldn't do it, and even looks regretfully my way after I scold him, but he just can't seem to help himself.

So far, the total count for destroyed shoes is 4 1/2 (I saved one of Garrett's with only part of it missing, but they are still wearable) and 2 sets of shoestrings. I can't begin to recall how many shoes I've taken from the fangs of "Jaws." Yesterday, I saved Garrett's baseball glove - got some great brownie points from Lil' G with that rescue!

Interestingly, you know what the good news is though? The Wellbrock family does a better job of putting away our belongings! Oh yeah, and we have also figured out we have less night-time damage if the mutt sleeps in our bed. I think we need a bigger bed.

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April 28, 2011

Now I Lay Me Down...
So far, bonding with our new dog is going well. Rescuing a pet from the Humane Shelter is so rewarding, mainly because the pet tries so hard to show his appreciation and love.

Unfortunately, Buddy can sometimes share his love in an overwhelming manner, especially if you happen to be a short child. While playing outside, Garrett's crying alarmed Dad - Dad rushed outside to find Garrett flat on his tummy, with a "loving" dog standing on his back, licking his ears, face, neck...let's put it this way, Garrett didn't feel all that loved.

After calming our son, Gerard was able to get him ready for bed. For the first time since we picked up the dog, the dog jumped into the bed, snuggling right down beside Garrett. It was almost as if Buddy knew he needed to express his love in a different, perhaps calmer, manner. Thankfully, Buddy is getting used to his new home, and Garrett is better prepared for dog "hugs."
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