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April 18, 2011

Growing Pains
With growth comes change, and we all know change can be painful. Especially when change means loss...loss of a great pair of shoes, that is.

As you recall, the Wellbrock family grew by one: a boxer/terrier mixed mutt we rescued from the Humane Society. Buddy, as he is now dubbed, is so eager to please and show us his love and appreciation, but after 3 days of his affection, I'm ready for a break.

Yes, Buddy shows his love by KILLING a dangerous pair of leather shoes (i.e. my favorite sandals), another dangerous FHSU Tiger rug (honestly, that rug didn't deserve what it got) and a menacingly taunting TV remote control. (I really thought Gerard was taking the dog back to the pound after he got up to change channels for a SECOND time!) And the dog's foot fettish goes beyond my shoes: if he sees a pair of bare little-boy toes, he MUST chew on them! We keep telling our son this is Buddy's way of showing love, although Garrett hasn't quite bought into that theory yet.

Don't even ask how our old dog has taken to the new pup - when the pup decided to "mark" her (yes, he peed on her), I truly believe Zoey would have dropped a few choice words if she was capable of doing so.

Today is the first day that Buddy stays home while we all are at work or school. I wonder what casualty we will have next?!?!
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