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April 8, 2011

My son, the sports addict

Gerard and I discussed last night that we believe our son my like sports even more than Gerard does - and that is a HUGE statement to make! But let me share a story to support this claim:

Early into the beginning of first grade last fall, Garrett comes home telling us how the kids at recess played football on Harman Field. Unaware of such a field, Garrett explained to us the grassy area north of the playground equipment is where they play football. He himself named this area Harman Field, after Principal Nancy Harman. In fact, he gave naming rights to the entire front office staff. The gymnasium is named Staab Court (in honor of Karen Staab) and the soccer field is Radke Park (after Kathy Radke).

I realized yesterday that Garrett "made" his school a college, and has developed an intricate bracket of imaginary play between the O'Loughlin Eagles and the other schools in the "league," including Roosevelt Roadrunners, Wilson Warriers and Washington Wildcats, all real elementary schools and mascots. Unfortunately, the private elementary school Holy Family doesn't have a mascot, so Garrett took care of this task: the boys team is the Holy Family Jesus' and the girls team is (yep, you guessed it) the Holy Family Mary's.

Even though I was told the rankings of each school as well as the best players' individual standings, there were too many numbers for my brain to process. You'll have to ask Garrett for the latest stats, but be warned, this conversation may take awhile!

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