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March 27, 2011

Youth Group Dynamics
Tonight we were invited to help our church's youth group as judges of a scavenger hunt game. The game itself was fun and I enjoyed helping out for a good cause. However, it was the interaction of the group that I found most impressive.

The kids were a mix of junior and senior high students, and most of them were male. Oh sure, there was the typical flirting between genders, and some good old-fashioned teasing with the older to the younger kids.

What fascinated me the most was how most of the students made over the leader's children: ages 1, 2 and 5. Those wee ones were snuggled, tickled, jostled, hugged and wrestled by the youth members. I'm not sure who enjoyed the interaction more: the toddlers, the teenagers or Tammy!

What a great display of fellowship at its best.
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