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February 17, 2011

The rest of the (anthem) story
I finally had the courage to volunteer to sing the National Anthem at a FHSU basketball game. (Check off one more bucket list item!) Almost 20 years after attending FHSU on a vocal scholarship and wishing for the guts to actually sign up, I made that call to add my name to the list of singers.

Excitedly, I came home to share the news with my boys: "YEAH! I'm singing the Star Spangled Banner at the last women's home game!" My announcement made the "little g" pipe up asking if he gets to sing with me. He then proceeded to beg me until I caved - even after tonight's practice at the coliseum, he still thinks he wants to sing with me.

So, anyone interested in hearing the Wellbrock mom-son duo sing, (with possibility of mom doing a solo at last minute) be sure to stop at Gross Memorial Coliseum at 1:45 this Saturday!
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February 14, 2011

Black Monday

As I near the age I'm supposed to experience a mid-life crisis, it's good to have a measuring "tool" to help me remember my blessings. My measurement is in the form of an annual holiday honoring hearts and pink lace: Valentine's Day.

For years, I HATED this holiday - probably on account of the two [loser] boyfriends who dumped me around this day; or the other [loser] guy I dated who FORGOT to get me any Valentine (no card, nothing!) Through most of my college career and the time following prior to my marriage, I celebrated this date by wearing all black.

Now I am married to a man who is loving, caring, thoughtful, respectful and incredibly funny. (He told me to also interject "hot and gorgeous here.) I am beyond blessed. Now I get to celebrate Valentine's Day year-round or darn-near close to it!

Happy V-Day, fellow bloggers!

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February 13, 2011

Tech Tot
As my readers should know by now, my son LOVES sports (understatement).
And today is like many others at the Wellbrock household: Garrett playing basketball in our living room for several hours, calling "his game" in his best announcer voice.

The only difference with THIS game is the addition of a loud shrill every 5 minutes.

My son has figured out how to set the timer on my cell phone. 
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